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pointers towards man's true nature

"when one is existentially ready for a new shift, it happens without fail. so one should learn to live in trust – without expectation, without demand, without complaint... cherishing the feeling of thy will be done deep in the heart, so that one is shifted naturally towards higher planes of life."

"patience, trust and surrender are the main ingredients to cook the dish of spirituality."

"either you have trust or you don’t have! it cannot be like a pendulum which keeps moving on both the sides. trust is an inner quality... either it is there or it is not there. if one lives in trust, one lives a peaceful, a beautiful, a happy, a joyous life."

"doubt is a state of exclusiveness, a state of separation... whereas trust is a state of integrity, a state of oneness, wholeness and inclusiveness."

"as one grows in trust, surrender follows."


"the 'i' you are talking about is no more than a shadow, it is a by-product of the body. of course, the body has existence, but not the 'i.' can you show us the 'i' which you claim as yours? you believe that this very body is you, but is it true... or is it just a misbelief that you have accepted?"

"when the very word 'i' is uttered, it is indicated to the body, but one is not only the body. though not apparent, though unperceived ‒ unperceived because of its formlessness, its unboundedness ‒ one is actually a lot more, which remains in abeyance. so consciousness gives life, reality and existence to the body."

"'i' belongs to the body and not to the self. so, to break the usual, habitual pattern and previous conditioning and to set aside the 'i,' we need to do self-remembering. so, amness belongs to the self. no, no! amness means the self, amness is the self!"

"amness is the real me. if there is no amness, the body is totally useless... maybe good for the hawks and crows!"

"ou are not only your friend, but also a guide and guru. your real guru and guide is within you all the time, but your attention is somewhere else. look back and you will see that he never leaves you alone. so be in your own company... be in satsang with it and you will lose nothing but will gain all!"

"you are pure consciousness... only a witness of the inner world of the mind and the outer world of objects. you are pure consciousness or awareness itself, which makes this very body sentient."

"you are neither the doer nor the enjoyer... you are the witnessing self – unborn, uncreated, indefinible, inexpressible, self-supported, self-effulgent, shelterless... the very cause of everything, itself uncaused. hence, you are ever free."

"my beloved ones, you are not a person, you are a presence, having the quality of witnessing."

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"all and everything is just happening by itself, but one believes that one is the doer. this belief of doership creates a mess. the more one wants to do, the more one creates a mess for oneself."

"thy will be done means the wish of the supreme should be fulfilled, not mine. that is the way of a meditator, or a seeker, or the one who is keen to realize the self or god."

"the real you is impossible to define... cannot be described. the real you is indescribable, unthinkable, unimaginable. it is vaster than the sky."

"to attain true understanding, you need to ask the right question first. and this is the only real question to ask - how do i know that i am."

"before you know god, you must know yourself."

"whatever one does, one remains insecure! if such is the factuality, then why no accept the fact of insecurity... rather, also enjoy it!"

"only serious people create problems. whenever you have problems, take a look in the mirror… and see how serious you are! if you are non-serious, you cannot do anything wrong because all wrong comes out of seriousness."

"you are searching for god, or maybe something else. this search begins with birth itself. that is what life is all about. everybody is running and searching in his own way. somebody is running after money, somebody after women… somebody after name-fame. but beyond all that mess… who are you?


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"god is not residing only in you, he is residing in everyone. god pervades all. everything is in god. everything is god. and what is god?... this very “am-ness” is god…"

"sometimes when you are angry, you shout at others, “don’t you know who i am!” but do you know who you are?"

"if you fight with the mind, the mind will enjoy; it will gain more strength, more energy. allow it. like the breeze is coming, so let it come. it will come from this side, and go from that side. mind will come, mind will go; complaint will come, complaint will go; demand will come, demand will go – don’t get caught, that’s all. let it come, let it go… let it come, let it go. You cannot stop it, so don’t struggle. just be. be present. learn how to be present."


" consciousness, which is reflected through the body, which is “body-sense,” is called “ego.” like when you see the moon in the night, and if you keep this glass of water in the open, the moon will be reflected in the glass. so is this ego… a reflection of the true Self in the body."

"i am not saying condemn your mind, or don’t pay any attention to your mind. on the contrary, i tell you, whatsoever comes in the mind, just allow it, just be with it. but at the same time, i am telling you, don’t get involved. so it is a great learning, how to allow, and at the same time, not get involved."

"on the periphery, things are complex; deep down things are very simple."


"self-forgetfulness is the very root cause of all sorts of conflicts."

"if thinking needs to be done, then think properly and consciously; make thinking and contemplation a conscious meditation; just don’t let the thoughts flow, think mindfully, consciously."

"the day someone absorbs the grace of his master, lets himself disappear in to the master, then he becomes able to perceive and understand the actual, inherent meaning of his master’s teachings, exactly as they are; then he does not need to hide behind the shield of his master’s statements."

"keep struggling until you succeed, until you get the desired result. it may take few weeks, few months, few years – or even few lives. it all depends on you – on how persistent and determined you are."

"please note that everything else is just happening... except self-remembering. self-remembering one has to practice. you cannot hire someone else for self-remembering."

"self-remembering does not require doership. self-remembering is the antidote to forgetfulness, it destroys forgetfulness."

"though self-remembrance is the easiest, but it is arduous for many people! so they go on practicing various techniques, they become technique freaks!"

"so simply pay constant attention to the sense of amness. that  is what self-remembering is. the self is not somewhere, it is always here and now."

""remember... god, who is nowhere and who can't be seen, also needs attention. ho jaaye! "


"anything, if lived unconsciously, is destructive. the same pain, the same situation – if lived consciously – can become a constructive and creative phenomenon. it depends on you."

"the master is one, the guru is one, who teaches you how to become conscious. he will not tell you to renounce this or that. if he is telling you renounce this or that, then he is not a real guru."

"if the master is hammering you, it is a great blessing. a master is not at all interested in hammering just anyone."

"the master is within and when that inner master becomes a little awake it starts searching. he has forgotten himself, and when the outer master appears it is nothing but the reflection of this inner master."

"the moment you start remaining in the present, everything changes – not only within, but also without.  the outside world will not remain the same; the outside world is the just a projection of your present state.  it is the inside state which is “now” that creates the outside mess.  so if you are here, in the moment, in joy, in bliss, in no-mess, that state will also be projected and create new happenings.."

"when attention is not moving at all, what remains is YOU. call it your existence, your true nature, your soul... whatever you like. and sooner or later, you will discover that it IS; that's all. it IS. and in this IS-NESS is the real joy of being. it is complete, full, whole. now you lack nothing; you are just happy, just peaceful. "

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